Who We Are

Clean Protein Farm Foods is an environmentally conscious family owned and operated business. Our goal is to provide naturally raised meat products in a manner with the least negative environmental impact while still delivering great health benefits, premium quality, and great taste!

All of our suppliers  meat comes from farms who uphold the same standards of environmental responsibility and commitment to quality as we do.  Our beef  for Eastern Ontario is provided by farms in the Vars area – east of Ottawa.  Our pork is from Navan, and our chickens are free-range and from Western Quebec.  All of our beef, pork, and chicken for our New Brunswick customers is exclusively from the Saint George and Sussex area. All of our products for Manitoba come from  farms in the Steinbach, Riding Mountain, Carman, and Interlake Regions. Alberta customers are provided with beef, pork, and chicken exclusively from Alberta and it has the highest rating of federally inspected product . As we service our customers across Canada, we always aim to deliver the finest quality of beef, pork, and chicken from environmentally friendly pastures.

For the past 15 years we have been meeting the needs of our customers for premium, naturally raised meat. Over the years, we have found some of our best product  from the local farming community. We have supported these farmers by promoting their products and, in turn, they have always provided us with quality meats from humanely raised stock.

All of the beef that we provide is from cattle that are raised in healthy, low stress environments and as naturally as possible without the use of added hormones to guarantee a superior final product. We choose only beef that is beautifully marbled and then dry-aged to perfection.

We deliver the same standard of excellence with all of our pork. The animals are raised in supreme, natural environments with no added antibiotic use producing pure, full, flavorful pork with natural marbling, good texture, and great taste.

The chickens that we carry are no different when it comes to supreme quality. We have carefully chosen supply that provides chickens that also have no added synthetic antibiotics. The meat is tender and juicy and rich in flavor.

Our commitment to delivering quality meats does not end here however. We have chosen local family owned and operated packaging plants that care about providing the meticulous detail that is required to prepare our custom orders. These plants are provincially inspected and all of our meats are cut to the specifications of our customers, quick frozen, and professionally packaged for superior freshness.

At Clean Protein Farm Foods, we know how good it feels to provide the best in quality and taste as we make healthy choices for our families. Our commitment is to make natural food available and affordable to all Canadian families so that, together, we can build and support stronger communities. When you choose Clean Protein Farm Foods for you and your family you have chosen to pursue the best in naturally raised foods. You have chosen superior quality, great taste, and you have made the choice to bring a high standard of excellence to your table

We welcome the opportunity to invite all of our customers to join us as we become ever more conscious of our impact on the environment, as we share in our experience to provide healthier alternatives, and as we extend our appreciation and love of great food…let us all enjoy!